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Born: 06.06.2012

Breed: Mix

            German pointer, 

            English pointer and    


Weight: 27-28kg

Height: about 66cm.


3 x Norwegian championship silver

2 x Norwegian championship bronze

5th place World championship



A small dog with a great head.

From I picked him up at the age of 8 weeks, he has been an independent and competitive little dog. Out running he has always stayed in front, and can go on for hours. He has never cared about other dogs while running, and that's a preciated quality for a racing dog.

He got a great personality, but with many pecularities. He likes to sleep in the morning, and is not easy to get up before 8-9 am (so if I'm going to school 8:15 I have to calculate extra time to get him up.) If he feels like cuddling he just stayes in the dog room, the cage in the car or the dog couch untill he gets what he wants (doesn't matter if he really has to pee). He is like a switch, completely on outside and mostly straight off inside.

He is a special one, and with more power training we have managed to take a step up from our first season (13/14) till this season. We still got a way to go, but the results from this season makes it easier to put in the time and effort to do a good job for the next season and the next goals.

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