Pluto results

2012: Norwegian Championship 10km pulka

                 (20th place NCh 15km combined men with Svein Øksnevad)

2011:       Regional champion, 15 km. pulka men veteran with Svein Øksnevad

                8. place, 20 km. pulka Norwegian championship, Veldre Sag

                8. place, 10 km. pulka, Maura

Team Racedogs

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Achievments on snow:

2010:       5. place Norwegian Championship 15 km combined

                5. place ECh-qualic. 10 km. pulka, Heistadmoen 

                3. place Couples-relay 4*2,5 km, Lommedalen

2009:       Pluto injured all season.

2008:       Silver in Norwegian championship 15 km. Leader in 2-dog-pulka with Puma.

                Silver in Norwegian championship 10 km. pulka

                Silver in "State championship" 10 km. pulka

                Scandinavian champions in relay

                4. place in Scandinavian championship 15 km. combined

                9. place in ECh 15 km. combined

                8. place in ECh 15 km. skijoring

                5. place European-cup on-snow (best norwegian women)

                3. place World-cup on-snow

Pluto's results

2007:       Norwegian champion 10 km pulka women senior

Norwegian champion 10 km 1-2dogs pulka women junior

Silver Norwegian championship Combined women senior

2. place "Bærumsløpet", 10 km pulka women senior ( EC-qualificationrace)

Silver WCh 12 km pulka women senior

Bronse WCh 2x7,6 km Combined women senior

Silver WCh 4x7,6 km mixed relay

European champions 4x7,6 km mixed relay

2. place WC-race Trysil 10 km pulka women senior

2. place WC-race Venabu 2x5 km combined women senior

4. place European-cup

2006:       Winner of the Norwegian cup, women junior

Silv in Norwegian championship women junior, 10 km pulka

4 place in Norwegian championship women senior 10 km pulka

1. place Nittedalsløpet, Europea-cup, women junior

1. place Hadelandsløpet, women junior

Silver Nordic Championship. 10 km pulka, women junior

1. place Trysilløpet, European-cup

Achievments dryland:

2010:       4 place in Swedish Championship, bikejoring women sr.

3 place Heatsprint, bikejoring women sr., Drammen Grand Prix

8 place in Norwegian championship with Svein Øksnevad, in 2-roller with Bavac.

2009:       5 place in Norwegian Championship, bikejoring women sr.

                3 place in Swedish Championship, bikejoring women sr.

2008:       8 place in Norwegian Championship, bikejoring women sr.

2007:       World Champion in Italy, bikejoring women senior.

4 place in ECh in Poland, bikejoring women senior

2006:       Gold in Drammen Grand Prix. Drammen Travbane, bikejoring women sr.

7 place in ECh in Hungary, bikejoring women senior. Best time of the womens day two

8 place in WCh in Germany, bikejoring women senior. Best time of the women day two

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