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Name: Karoline Conradi Øksnevad

Living: Lismarka, Lillehammer

A little about myself:

Since early childhood sports has always been a big part of my life. I started skiing at the age of 2, and that's where my heart still beats the hardest. I value every possibility to meet new and interesting people, and to expand my social network.

I have been doing this beautiful sport for more than a decade, and my life is filled with memories and people from all the different experiences that this life has brought me.

I begun dogmushing activily in 2005, after I bought Pluto in december 2004. He was then 15 months old, and ended up living a long and happy life together with me. We achieved great things together, and he will always be my number one.

Now I got one dog on my own, my little machine; Skurk, plus borrowing the lovely lady Marley  from Silje Knox.

Besides the dogmushing I have a bachelor in  "Sport Management" from the University of Lillehammer, and finishing a master in innovation and a small degree in PR and communication at the Inland University.   

Achievements on snow:

2 x World Championship silver in 2007, pulka and relay

3 x World Championship bronze in combined 2007, pulka 2017, 2-dog skijoring 2019

1 x European Champion 2007, relay

1 x Scandinavian Champion 2008, relay

1 x Norwegian Champion 2007, pulka

5 x Norwegian Championship silver, pulka (2008), 2-dog-pulka (2008), combined (2007), 2-dog-pulka (2015), 10km pulka (2015)

4 x Norwegian Championship bronze combined (2015), combined (2018), pulka (2019), relay (2019)

3th place World Cup 2008

Winner of the Norwegian Cup Jr 2006

1 x Norwegian Champion Jr 2006, 1-2-dog pulka.

1 x Norwegian championship silver Jr 2006, pulka

1 x Scandinavian Championship silver Jr 2006, pulka


Achievements dryland:

World Champion bikejoring, 2007

Winner of Drammen Grand Prix bikejoring, 2006

Bronze in Scandinavian championship bikejoring, 2013 (with Ellinor)

1 x Norwegian championship silver canicross (2017)

2 x Norwegian championship bronze, canicross (2015), canicross (2018)

4th place in European Championship bikejoring, 2007

1. place E-cup bikejoring, 2011

4th place Norwegian Championship bikejoring, 2011

3th place Swedish Championship bikejoring, 2009

7 place in ECh in Hungary, bikejoring women senior. Best time of the womens day two

8 place in WCh in Germany, bikejoring women senior. Best time of the women day two


After several requests from my parents, here are some out-of-competiton-pictures of myself to show how I am in the daily life;)



                                   Yvette and me in Nice 2011.

As You can see, perfectly normal!

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