Pluto and Ellinor.                                                               Pluto and Skurk.

Skurk between the intervals.

Skurk misunderstood the water training, instead of swimming beside the board he rather sit on it:)



Pluto With pulka, Bavac running loose.                        Bavac ran 3-4 km between my idea why!

Pluto and Bavac training With sheeps.                         Training at the Norwegian National day 2012.

Beitostolen 2011.

Soon longdistancedogs;)

Old kickbike-picture (2006).                                                                  Pluto and Puma dec. 07

Trainingcamp for the national team at Skeikampen. Pluto, Leif and Truls:







Karoline Conradi Øksnevads hjemmeside





Really old trainingpictures from Holmenkollen (dec.05):
Plutos second time with pulka.




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