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Name: Karoline Conradi Øksnevad

Born : 01.11.1987

Living: Annecy, France (at the moment)


A little about myself:

I have been doing this beautiful sport for more than 10 years, and my life is filled with memories and people from all the different experiences that this life has brought me.


Since early childhood sports has always been a big part of my life. I started skiing at the age of 2, and that's where my heart still beats the hardest. I value every possibility to meet new and interesting people, and to expand my social network.


I begun dogmushing activily in 2005, after I bought Pluto in december 2004. He was then 15 months old, and ended up living a long and happy life together with me. We achieved great things together, and he will always be my number one.

Now I got one dog on my own, my little machine; Skurk, plus borrowing two lovely ladies, Marley and Ellinor, from Silje Knox.


Besides the dogmushing I study for a bachelor in "Sport Management" at the University of Lillehammer. But at the moment I live in a beautiful town, Annecy, in France while I am taking an exchange semester at IPAC.

Normally I live in a house "in the forrest" at Lismarka, 15 minutes drive from Lillehammer, with my dog Skurk.

Achievements on snow:


2 x World Championship silver in 2007, pulka and relay

1 x World Championship bronze in 2007, combined

1 x European Champion 2007, relay

1 x Scandinavian Champion 2008, relay

1 x Norwegian Champion 2007, pulka

5 x Norwegian Championship silver, pulka (2008), 2-dog-pulka (2008), combined (2007), 2-dog-pulka (2015), 10km pulka (2015)

1 x Norwegian Championship bronze combined (2015)

3th place World Cup 2008

Winner of the Norwegian Cup Jr 2006

1 x Norwegian Champion Jr 2006, 1-2-dog pulka.

1 x Norwegian championship silver Jr 2006, pulka

1 x Scandinavian Championship silver Jr 2006, pulka

Achievements dryland:


World Champion bikejoring, 2007

Winner of Drammen Grand Prix bikejoring, 2006

Bronze in Scandinavian championship bikejoring, 2013 (with Ellinor)

Bronze in Norwegian championship, canicross, 2015

4th place in European Championship bikejoring, 2007

1. place E-cup bikejoring, 2011

4th place Norwegian Championship bikejoring, 2011

3th place Swedish Championship bikejoring, 2009

7 place in ECh in Hungary, bikejoring women senior. Best time of the womens day two

8 place in WCh in Germany, bikejoring women senior. Best time of the women day two



After several requests from my parents, here are some out-of-competiton-pictures of myself to show how I am in the daily life;)



                                   Yvette and me in Nice 2011.

As You can see, perfectly normal!

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